Martial Arts News & Articles n.15

Welcome to another selection of posts and articles that have caught my eye. Please sit back and enjoy the current selection.

Historical Karate Film

In this post the author shares some vintage footage of karate and kobudo training from 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s.

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Basic Drill For The Application of Blocks

In this post Iain Abernethy shares a drill for practicing the main blocks found in karate.

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How to Breath Correctly in Karate

Jesse Enkamp shares in this post the importance of correct breathing in our karate practice.

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This post describes the important concept of Kengaku – study through observation.

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Shoot Happens

A good post on why not to underestimate fighters with a wrestling background.

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My Discipline
A video from a martial arts master on the importance on the importance of discipline.

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The Best of Tony Jaa
A compilation of some of the best fight scenes featuring Tony Jaa.


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As always, train hard, train regularly and stay tuned for more posts.


Author: Patrick Donkor

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