On this day….(February 26)

On 26 February 1946 Brian Fitkin, a Kyokushin practitioner, was born in London.

Fighting at heavyweight, Brian Fitkin was described by legend Steve Arneil as being like “a Stalking Tiger“. Considered one of the best all-around fighters to come out of the UK, Fitkin was a natural fighter who could fight with control or go all out in a full-contact match.

On 26 February 1975 Shane Dorfman, the son of South African pioneer, Malcolm Dorfman, was born.

Dorfman is a 7-time Karatenomichi (KWF) World Champion and a World Karate Federation (WKF) World Champion. He has won multiple titles at junior and senior levels.

A qualified medical doctor, Dorfman specialises in radiology and runs his own private practice.

Together with his father Dorfman runs several Karate schools.

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