13 Martial Arts Podcasts Worth Listening To

I am a big fan of podcasts and In this post I share some of my favorite martial arts podcasts. Each of the podcasts provide a unique insight into the world of martial arts. They are not in any particular order.

Hiyaa Martial Arts Podcast

image This podcast, started in 2012, is co-presented by Dave Jones and Craig Kiessling. Both men have an extensive background in Chinese martial arts. The format of the podcast is light hearted, although serious topics are covered in the right manner. The podcast also has interviews with many masters from various martial arts. It also has a section on martial art movies, past and current. The length of the podcast is around one hour and forty minutes long.

Iain Abernethy – The Practical Application of Karate

image This is a monthly podcast covering all aspects of practical martial arts and realistic self-defence. I have been a big fan of the host, Iain Abernethy for a long time. He has a background in Karate and is also a member of the World Combat Association. As an advocate of the practical applications of kata, he has written several books on the subject and is also renowned for his seminars. In the podcast, running since 2006, he covers key concepts and issues in modern martial arts training.

Karate Tournaments Tips and Tricks

image This is a podcast hosted by Sensei Scott Boyd, a karateka with over 30 years experience in competitive tournaments. The podcast is used as a vehicle to impart his knowledge on various tournament skills and aspects of training. This done as a series of tips. The length of the podcast is typically no longer than five minutes and is well worth a listen.

Kris Wilder

image This is an anecdotal podcast from noted martial artist and author Kris Wilder. He shares little stories relating martial arts training to life.

Martial Secrets

image This is the second podcast in the list from Kris Wilder and is co-presented with fellow martial artist and author Laurence Kane. They cover a wide range of topics from various martial styles. They also have interviews with top martial artists. One interesting section of this podcast is “Stupid Tales of Youth” where they discuss silly indiscretions of youth. The podcast is typically around thirty minutes in length.

The MMA Hour

Mixed martial arts journalist Ariel Harwani is the presenter of this weekly podcast. The podcast features interviews with many of the top names from the world of mixed martial arts. Ariel is not afraid to ask the tough questions, thus providing a great, entertaining insight int to many of our favorite MMA Stars. The podcast also features New York Rick, who joins Ariel to discuss upcoming MMA events. The podcast typically last three to four hours, but is definitely worth a listen.

Karate Cafe

image Karate Cafe is hosted by martial artists Paul Wilson, Dan Williams, Gene Myers, and Pete Shambo. They have backgrounds in various disciplines, which lead to an interesting mix of martial arts topics being covered. Besides the conversations they have between themselves, they also have product reviews and interviews with notable martial artists.

Martial Arts Teaching Today

881991_557235601025406_1791791651_o In this podcast hosted by Jason Elkins, dojo owners discuss what got them involved in martial arts and how they eventually got into teaching. This is great podcast offering a lot of insights into what it takes to run a successful dojo/club.

Martial Thoughts: A Martial Arts Podcast

image This podcast is hosted by Jaredd Wilson who has a background in Aikido and Kenjutsu. He is joined by his friends, Rick Bell, Tony Duarte, and Plinio Romero, all who have extensive backgrounds in various martial arts, including Jujitsu and aikido. The podcast takes a conversational approach, dealing with various topics within the world of martial arts. There are also various informational interviews with leading figures from the martial arts world. The podcast length is typically an one hour thirty minutes.

The Martial Arts Podcast

image This is a relatively new podcast hosted by Adam Bockler, who has a background in Okinawan Karate. He is also a 2014 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. In the podcast he interviews instructors from various arts about their experiences and their journey through the martial arts. The podcast is typically around an hour.

Martial Arts Nation Podcast

This is another relatively new podcast, hosted by Cory Jansen.  It is typically between one to two hours long and discusses various topics from around the martial arts world. The podcast also has interviews, movie and product reviews.

Martial Arts Lineage Podcast

image This is a very informative podcast hosted by Tim Johnson who has an extensive background in the Chinese martial arts. He conducts interviews with martial art masters and instructor to discuss their art, how it was developed, and how it was evolved. The podcast is typically thirty minutes to an hour in length, and is part of a larger project to discover and map the lineage of various martial arts.

Ringside Toe2Toe Podcast – Sky Sports

image Although strictly speaking not a martial arts podcast, I have include this one as it provides an entertaining look at the world of boxing. It is hosted by Sky reporter Ed Draper and ex-boxer turned promoter Spencer Fearon. In the podcast they interview some of the biggest names in boxing and discuss issues currently effecting boxing and also previews of upcoming fights. This podcast is typically an hour long.


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