Cover Star: Dominique Valera

Arguably Europe’s best known Karate competitor of the 1960s and 1970s, Dominique Valera, a true legend of European Karate, dominated the tournament scene of the era. Fighting as a heavyweight he was a multiple French and European champion. Held in high regard, Black Belt Magazine named him one of Europe’s top ten fighters on numerous occasions. Below are some of the magazine covers featuring this European Karate legend.

 February 1975  January 1976  June 1977
 September 1979    September 1980  1981
 December 1981   October 1983  February 1987
 February 1988    October 1988    December 1989
 1991    April 1991  March 1994
 March 1999  January 2003 May 2007
 July 2007


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