Hideho Takagi

It is easier to be World Champion in kumite than it is to be World Champion in kihon… there is no luck involved in kihon performance.

Hideho Takagi

A superb technician, Hideho Takagi has been described as the ideal image of Karate. A student of Wado-Ryu founder Hironori Ohtsuka, he was known for his phenomenal speed. Very little is known about him in the West, as he did not give interviews. He let his Karate-do do his talking.

Hideho Takagi was born on 23 July 1942 in Manchuria, China. This was during the Japanese occupation of China.

After Japan’s defeat in World War II, Takagi and his family eventually returned to Japan in 1953.

In 1966 Takagi enrolled at Nihon University in Tokyo, where he studied medicine. He eventually joined the university’s Karate club, where he trained under Hironori Ohtsuka.

Following his graduation, Takagi enrolled at the Nihon Dental College. During this time he continued his Karate training with Ohtsuka.

On leaving medical school, Takagi worked as a dentist. He also continued in his Karate journey.

In 1981, due to internal politics, the organisation founded by Ohtsuka split into the Wadokai, headed by Eichii Eriguchi, and the Wadoryu Renmei founded by Ohtsuka. Takagi followed his teacher to the new group.

Hironori Ohtsuka, the founder of Wado-Ryu Karate, died on 29 January 1982.

By 1989 Takagi had been appointed to the JKF (Japan Karate Federation) Wadokai Technical Committee. He eventually became the Chairman of the Committee.

In 1989 the Wado World Cup was held in London. Takagi was one of the senior instructors in attendance, alongside Tatsuo Suzuki, and Teruo Kono.

Takagi was a practising dentist for many years. However, he combined this with his duties as the Chair of the JKF Wado Kai Technical Committee. Known as an excellent instructor, he conducted many seminars and courses. Known for his superb technical ability and Karate knowledge, he always taught with a smile on his face.

Hideho Takagi died on 14 August 2018, aged 76. This was after a long bout of illness.

At the time of his death, Takagi was an 8th Dan and was a member of the JKF Wadokai Board and the Chairman of the JKF Wadokai Technical Committee.

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