Martial Arts News & Articles n.1

Welcome to the first in a series of posts where I highlight news stories and articles that have caught my attention. So sit back and enjoy the current selection.

Yagi Meitoku


An interesting anecdote by Meitoku Yagi on his time training with the legendary Chojun Miyagi.
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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything
While the topic of this post by Ryan Holiday is not about martial arts it still has some relevant principles that can be applied to your training.
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Focusing on Advantage & Opportunity Over Weakness & Liability
A lovely post by Jiu Jitsu expert Lori O’Connell, on the importance of focusing on our strengths and not making our weakness a liability.
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Exclusive Interview: Rika Usami – The Undisputed Queen of Karate Kata
An absolutely lovely interview by Jesse Enkamp with one of my favourite martial artists, Rika Usami.
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Keep At It – and Other Key Secrets to Success in The Martial Arts
A post by Al Bargen on what it takes to succeed in the martial arts.
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MMA and Hollywood: 5 fighters kicking ass in Tinseltown
Five mixed martial arts star making their mark in Hollywood.
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Stay tuned for more.


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