Martial Arts News & Articles n.13

Welcome to another selection of posts and articles that have caught my eye. Please sit back and enjoy the current selection.

3 Ways Martial Arts Boost Live
In this post from the Martial Arts Woman, we discover the ways martial arts can improve our lifes.

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Street Fight Real Self Defense
This video shows how Aikido can be applied out in the street.


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8 Martial Arts You’ve Never Heard Of
This post introduces us to eight martial arts we may not know about.

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10 Important Karate Details Your Sensei Hates to Remind You About
Another interesting post from Jesse Enkamp.

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The 12 Highest Rated Kung Fu Movies on Netflix
We all love a good martial arts movie and this post lists the twelve highest rated films on Netflix.

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As always, train hard, train regularly and stay tuned for more posts.


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