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Welcome to another selection of posts and articles that have caught my eye. Please sit back and enjoy the current selection.

Historical Progression of Sanchin

Sanchin is one of the most well-known katas practised in karate. This post by Vancouver Kowakan provides information on some of the changes to the kata that have happened over time.

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Karate Kicks: How to Improve Your Technique

This is a post from the Blitz Sports blog page, offering suggestions on how to improve one’s kicking technique.

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Rhonda Rousey’s Next Fight Looks Like It Could Break A UFC Record

Rhonda Rousey is arguably the UFC’s biggest draw, and this post from the Huffington previews her upcoming fight with unbeaten fighter Holly Holm.

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62 Year- Old Man Earns Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

This post on Allen Spindel is an inspiration to all who train in the martial arts, and proves if believe anything is possible.

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The Biggest Problem With “Sport Karate”

In this think piece by Jesse Enkamp, he suggests that there should not be a division between sport karate and traditional karate practice.

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Lessons In Seattle

Gretchen Carlson is a taekwondo black belt and has set herself the challenge of travelling to all fifty states of America to learn martial arts. She shares her experiences on her blog. In her latest post she travels to Seattle and trains at the dojo of noted martial arts author, Kris Wilder.

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The Best Martial Arts Movie Fights of All Time

bruce lee.fw

Who doesn’t love a good martial arts film. In this post we are treated to some of the most iconic fight scenes in martial arts history.

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As always, train hard, train regularly and stay tuned for more posts.


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