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Welcome to another selection of posts and articles that have caught my eye. Please sit back and enjoy the current selection.

The Karate Kid: Danny Is The REAL Bully

The classic film, Karate Kid, is interpreted another way.


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Every Has A Plan Until…

Words of wisdom from Kris Wilder on the importance of being adaptable when plans change.

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Overnight Success In Business and Sport

Fitness expert, Ross Enamait discusses the links behind business and training.

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Rhonda Rousey Interview

Rhonda Rousey is interviewed on the “LIVE with Kelly and Michael” show. During the show she executes a judo throw on ex-NFL great, Michael Strahan.

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Sparring 101: When, Why and How to Take a Hit

A great article, written by Eric C. Stevens, on the importance of sparring in the martial arts.

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Your Karate “Blocks” Are Dysfunctional. Here’s Why.

An article by Jesse Enkamp discussing how blocks in karate should really be used.

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As always, train hard, train regularly and stay tuned for more posts.


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