On this day….(March 13)

On this day, 13 March 1957, Vernon Bell was awarded his black belt in Yoseikan karate from the Fédération Française de Karaté, under Hiroo Mochizuki and Henri Plee.

Bell had started training with Plee towards the end of 1955. He had made frequent visits to Plee’s Paris dojo. After around eighteen monthes he graded for his 1st Dan. Bell recalled grading with Jurgen Seydal, Vladimiro Malatesti and Bernard Cherix, the founders of karate in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland respectively.

The grading consisted of performing Pinan(Heian) katas in slow motion then at a fast speed. This was followed by ippon kumite and sanbon kumite.

Bell’s license shows he was awarded his grade on 13 March 1957 and his certificate was dated 1st April 1957.

One final thing to note. Bell to make the following payments:

  • 3000Fr Fédération Française de Karaté for affiliation fees.
  • 3000Fr to the Japanese Karate Federation Yoseikan for affiliation fees.
  • 2500Fr for his Shodan karate diploma.

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