On this day….(January 27)

On this day, 27 January 1934, Raymond Fuller, one of the students present at the founding of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB), was born.

Fuller started his karate training in January of 1964 at Vernon Bell‘s Horseshoe pub dojo, located in London. At the time the British Karate Federation (BKF) were affiliated with Yoseikan karate. Fuller, a painter and decorator, was aged 29 yrs. He had served in the British army. He had first become interested in karate after watching a British television programme called “Whicker’s World“, hosted by journalist Alan Whicker. In the documentary karateka in a Tokyo dojo were practicing various techniques.

When the BKF became affiliated with the JKA, Fuller like many of his fellow students reveled in the new training under Hirokazu Kanazawa. When Knanazwa’s year long contract ended in 1965, Fuller was one of the students who joined the KUGB, breaking away from the BKF, eventually helping to run the organisations main dojo in Blackfriars, London.

After several years with the KUGB, Fuller left to form his own association Thames Karate, a founding member of the English Karate Governing Body.

Author: Patrick Donkor

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