On this day….(June 25)

On this day, 25 June 1959, the first written correspondence between Vernon Bell and head of Yoseikan Karate, Minoru Mochizuki took place.

Mochizuki had first come to France in the early 1950s to conduct a number of training sessions in Judo and Aikido. All correspondence between Mochizuki and Bell had previously gone through Henri Plee. It was through Plee that Bell had the opportunity to train with Mochizuki’s son Hiroo. It was also through Plee’s encouragement that Bell introduced Karate into Britain

However, following a disagreement between Bell and Plee, Bell made the decision to correspond with Mochizuki directly.

In his letter to Mochizuki, Bell detailed the difficulties he was having with the French Karate Federation. He inquired if it would would be possible for the british Karate Federation (BKF) to become representatives of Yoseikan karate in Britain. He also proposed the formation of a new European Karate Union that would include the German Karate Federation, headed by Jurgen Seydel.

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