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On this day….(July 5)

On this day, 5 July 1957, the first photographs of karateka training in Britain, appear in the Romford Recorder. The photographs were part of an article, “Forbidden Sport Tuagh Here – Japanese Fights Often Ended in Death”, which was a followup to an article written on the 21 June. The two photographs were taken at 12 …

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On this day….(June 21)

On this day, 21 June 1957, journalist John Greenhaigh wrote perhaps the first ever article on Karate in Britain. The article appeared in the Romford Recorder newspaper. The piece, entitled “…..is Bringing ‘Killer’ Sport to Britain”, starts with the following paragraph: A short, chubby-faced Hornchurch man is to introduce a killer sport to Britain. He is …

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