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Wayne Otto

Our fight to become Olympians will never stop Wayne Otto The name Wayne Otto is synonymous with tournament success. Otto is one of the most successful fighters to come out of Britain. He has appeared in the Guinness Book of Records as having won the most Karate championship medals for a male competitor. Nicknamed the …

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On this day….(March 14)

On this day, 14th March 1946, Michael Billman, a high ranking karate administrator, was born in the East End of London. At school, Billman had been a keen rugby player having trials with the Saracens Rugby Club. On leaving school he took up amateur boxing. In 1969 he began his karate training at a club run …

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Tsuguo Sakumoto

In Ryuei-ryu we attack and receive simultaneously. Moreover, we use a lot of ashi-sabaki in order to move quickly. Tsuguo Sakumoto Tsuguo Sakumoto is unmistakable with his clean-shaven head and his intense gaze. He is a three-time WKF World Champion in kata and when watching him one cannot fail to be mesmerised by his power, …

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