This week in history (14 Sep – 20 Sep)

15 September

On 15 September 1938 Fumio Demura, a pioneer of American Karate, was born in Yokohama, Japan.

Demura arrived in the US in 1965 at the invitation of another American pioneer, Dan Ivan. He started teaching at Ivan’s dojo.

17 September

On 17 September 1966, Shigeru Oyama, no relation to the Kyokushin founder, took the 100-Man Kumite Challenge.

A renowned fighter, Oyama was undefeated in Japan. During his challenge, he had 122 fights. He is quoted as saying:

100 kumite is the hardest thing I ever did in my life. It is probably the hardest thing anyone can do in the Karate world. You don’t beat the 65th man with your body. That’s all gone by then. You beat him with your spirit.

Shigeru Oyama

On 17 September 1988, the 1st Sursee Cup was held in Sursee, Switzerland. The Open Weight Tournament was organised by the Swiss Karate Association. Andy Hug defeated Kenji Midori in the final to claim the title.

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