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Tetsuhiko Asai

In the past not everybody could do Karate in the standard way, particularly after the war, there was a closed-off mentality, a physical hardness in karate, aiming primarily to build spirit, rather than effective martial arts technique. Many people in Shotokan had, and still have, closed minds thinking this is the only way to do …

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This week in history (22 October – 28 October)

25 October On 25 October 2013¬†Scottish karate-ka David Coulter took part in the annual 100 Kata Challenge. The 100 Kata Challenge is a worldwide event to commemorate Okinawa Karate Day. Participants have to perform 100 repetitions of a Karate kata of their choice. 26 October On 26 October 1957 the Federation Internationale De Karate (FIK) …

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