Musings: Basic Kendo Terms

Basic Kendo Terms by Shihan Horton, founder of World Budo Development Society.

Kendo (剣道): The Way of the Sword (Lit. Ken: Sword, Do: Path)

Kenshi or Kendoka (剣士・剣道家): A Kendo Practitioner

Dojo (道場): Training Hall – Specifically for Martial Arts

Sensei (先生): Teacher or Instructor

Shihan (師範): Head Instructor or Master

Rei (礼): Etiquette or Respect (Also referred to as Reiho or Rei)

Ashi Sabaki (足捌き): Footwork

Do (胴): A Strike to the Torso

Ippon (一本): A Point in Kendo (Lit. One Point)

Kamae (構え): Ready Position

Keiko (稽古): Practice or Training

Kiai (気合): Spirit

Kihon (基本): Basics

Kote (小手): A Strike to the Wrist

Men (面): A Strike to the Head

Shiai (試合): Tournament

Suburi (素振り): Swinging or Striking Practice

Suriashi (摺り足): “Sliding” Footwork Used in Kendo

Tsuki (突): A Strike to the Throat

Bogu (防具): Armor.

Kendo Bogu Consists of: Men (面): Helmet

Kote (小手): Gloves

Do (胴): Torso Armor

Tare (垂): Apron Covering the Upper Legs

Bokken or Bokuto (木剣・木刀): Wooden Sword

Hakama (袴): Traditional Japanese Trousers

Kendogi or Keikogi(剣道衣・稽古衣): Kendo Jacket

Shinai (竹刀): Bamboo Sword

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