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Musings: Basic Kendo Terms

Basic Kendo Terms by Shihan Horton, founder of World Budo Development Society. Kendo (剣道): The Way of the Sword (Lit. Ken: Sword, Do: Path) Kenshi or Kendoka (剣士・剣道家): A Kendo Practitioner Dojo (道場): Training Hall – Specifically for Martial Arts Sensei (先生): Teacher or Instructor Shihan (師範): Head Instructor or Master Rei (礼): Etiquette or …

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Musings: The Sempai/Kohai Relationship

I first came across this concept in the 1993 Michael Crichton film, Rising Sun, starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes. In the film, we see the informal relationship between the sempai (senior), Connery and his kohai (junior), Snipes, as they try to solve a murder. The sempai/kohai relationship is an integral part of Japanese culture, …

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Musings: Continuous improvement through a positive self-image

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning ‘continuous improvement‘. This should be the goal of all karateka. However, what prevents many of us from achieving kaizen is a lack of a positive self-image. Karate by Jesse has a great post on controlling one’s self-image. In the post Jesse states: “To change your performance, you must change …

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Musings: Beyond your first Black Belt

The aim of most karateka is to reach the level of black belt. For some, this is seen as the pinnacle of their training. However, what does a karateka do when this goal is achieved? Typically attaining black belt is seen by many as being an indicator of mastery of one’s art. In my opinion, …

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Musings: The 5 aspects of physical training

Miyamoto Musashi, the great Japanese swordsman once wrote: The way is in training This is a basic requirement of all martial arts. When translated from Chinese, Kung Fu means “hard work“. To progress in the world of martial arts you must be willing to toil and sweat. If you are willing to put in the …

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Musings: The need for speed

Speed, from a martial artist’s perspective, is the ability to react or move faster than your opponent. Although some people are naturally fast, speed is a skill that can be acquired like any other. It is important to remember that speed is not the same as rushing a technique. To become faster it is important …

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