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Cezar Borkowski

I truly believe it’s important to honour tradition, but never be limited by it. We are not medieval re-enactors but thoughtful practitioners adapting to modern conditions and needs! Thus to remain relevant, Karate and all Budo training should be an organic, expanding – and thriving – experience. Cezar Borkowski Known for his encylopedic mind on …

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Steve Fogarasi

For all those engaged in competitive pursuits, especially if you’re not pursuing it as a professional career, it’s crucial to prioritise self-care and envision your martial arts journey as a lifelong pursuit, extending beyond a mere phase of fighting. Steve Fogarasi Described as a dynamic fighter, Fogarasi is a master technician who focuses on being …

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Patrick McCarthy

Tradition is not about blindly following in the footsteps of the old masters, or even preserving their ashes in a box, but rather in keeping the flame of their spirit alive, by continuing to seek out, understand and improve what they originally sought. Patrick McCarthy Known for his detailed historical research into Karate and its …

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