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This week in history (7 Sep – 13 Sep)

7 September On 7 September 1959 the first British Karate Federation (BKF) Summer Course was held. It was a six-day course held at the Ippon Judo Club, located in the basement of the Imperial Private Hotel, Scarborough, Yorkshire. The course was conducted by Vernon Bell and was limited to twenty students. It was open to …

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Tommy Morris

Scotland’s first black belt, Tommy Morris is an icon of Scottish Karate. He has been rightly called the “Father of Scottish Karate“. He has had many successful students, including David Coulter and Pat McKay. Many Scottish Karate-ka can trace their Karate lineage back to him. Tommy Morris was born in the Scottish city of Glasgow on …

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This week in history (2 September – 8 September)

4 September On 4 September 1931 Kenneth Funakoshi, a distant relative of Shotokan Karate founder, Gichin Funakoshi, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hirokazu Kanazawa, a former Grand Champion in Japan, had arrived in Hawaii in 1960 to represent the Japan Karate Association (JKA) as Chief Instructor at the behest of Masatoshi Nakayama. Funakoshi who was …

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This week in history (1 July – 7 July)

2 July On 2 July 2013 Shoei Miyazato, a Kobayashi Shorin-ryu master and early student of Katsuya Miyahira (the successor to Chosin Chibana), died aged 85 years. Although born in Okinawa, Miyazato attended elementary and high school in Osaka, Japan. As it was during the 2nd World War he had to undergo mandatory training in …

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Cover Star: Yoshinao Nanbu

Yoshinao Nanbu, the founder of Sankukai Karate, began his Karate training while at university, under Shukokai founder, Chojiro Tani. In the 1960’s Nanbu was invited to compete in a number of French tournaments by Henri Plee. Below are some of the magazine covers to feature this phenomenal martial artist. 1977 February 1977 September 1977   …

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Cover Star: Shigeru Kimura

Shigeru Kimura was a senior student of Shukokai Karate founder, Chojiro Tani. Kimura was responsible for the spread of Shukokai, first traveling to South Africa in 1965. His training and investigation eventually led to the development of Kimura Shukokai, his own version of Shukokai. Below are some of the magazine covers featuring this great innovator. …

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