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Leo Lipinski

I firmly believe that to learn to fight you must fight. So most of my basics are geared to fighting not the typical up and down movements you will see in most dojos. I use these for warm-up only and usually I dispense with this type of monotonous practice after about 15 minutes. Leo Lipinski …

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Chris Rowen

But when you talk of Karate and Karate-do, there is a great difference. Sport Karate is essentially competition and tournament Karate. Karate-do is ‘the way of Karate‘; the side of the art which takes in all the spiritual aspects and philosophical meaning. Chris Rowen A man of many hats, Chris Rowen is the epitome of …

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Cover Star: Chris Rowen

Chris Rowen is a former student of legendary Goju-ryu master, Gogen Yamaguchi. He is one of the few westerners to be awarded a tecahing license from Yamaguchi. Below are some of the magazine covers featuring Rowen. ¬†February 1984 ¬†October 1986 ¬†September 1987  

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